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Technical stuff:

This is list ONLY for the posting of Star Wars stories or story announcements including a url or e-mailing information. No discussion, feedback, or other messages will be allowed on-list. If you wish to reply to a story posting (and feedback is encouraged!), your message will be sent to the posting address, not to the list. Any non-story posts sent to the list-owner for posting to the list will not be redirected but will be deleted in the queue. Because this is a moderated list, all posts must be approved by the list-moderator before they are sent to the list. This may result in some 'lag time' between the time that you post and the time your story shows up on the list. This is normal; do not be alarmed and do not send messages to the list-moderator about the status of your post until a substantial amount of time has passed; i.e., more than two days, and your post still has not shown up on the list. If more than two days have passed, feel free to poke the moderator with a sharp stick, or perhaps send an e-mail.

SLASH and ADULT stories are welcome on the list. By subbing, you have indicated that you know what 'slash' and 'adult' stories entail, and are of the legal age to read them. This means that there may be stories with slash content (m/m, f/f, or multiple), heterosexual content (m/f), single-character stories, and no-relationship stories, or combinations of the above. Please pay attention to the templates of the stories as they are posted and choose what to read accordingly. If anyone is reported sending content flames off-list, they will be summarily removed and banned from further participation. This is meant to be primarily a SLASH/ADULT list, but gen stories are welcome to be posted, as well.

There is no minimum posting requirement to be a part of this list. Writers, readers, and reader/writers are all equally welcome to join.

Because this is a list intended for adults, and the stories will mainly be slash/adult, there will be *no* content restrictions enforced on this list; this means two *very* important things:

1. Writers - whatever you are comfortable posting to this list, post. Stories can include *any* sort of content - slash, adult, BDSM, rape, violence, death, discipline, minor character sex, incest, etc. If you want your story archived, and you indicate so, I will archive it without question.

Warnings for content are very much appreciated, but will not be enforced. HOWEVER, if you are *not* comfortable putting warnings on your story, *please* say so in your template. For example:

Warnings: I don't do warnings. Read at your own risk.

This is perfectly acceptable, and will be included on the archive as a 'non-warning' warning. Any story without a "Warning" line in the template with be archived as follows:

Warnings: [none given]

This leads to point two:

2. Readers - *please* pay attention to content warnings. Read them, and if you don't understand them, please ask the writer to clarify before you read the story. Be aware that not all writers will provide warnings on their stories. If there is *no* warning on a story, and you are cautioned to read at your own risk, then take into consideration the fact that there *might* be content you would find objectionable/disturbing in the story. Decide for yourself whether or not to read something, and do *not* flame the author who has either *specifically* provided a warning or has *specifically* said they do not warn. Everyone here has indicated that they are an adult by subbing to this list; please be responsible for your own fanfic choices!

Posting Stories:

Please ensure that your story posts conform to acceptable posting standards: line lengths not longer than 65-70 characters, no indented paragraphs, blank lines left between paragraphs, and long stories must be broken up into separate posts no longer than 25K in length. Only text format in the body of the e-mail please, no html. Attachments are not allowed on the list and will be cut off before posting. Feel free to post stories previously posted to other lists or archived at other archives; if it is SW, it is welcome on this list and in our archive. [NOTE: Submissions sent to the archivist by non-list members may be accepted in attached and/or html format, but please e-mail and ask before sending stories on.]

Use the following type of header in your sub line:

NEW: Monkey Sex (O-W/V) R, 1/4

where the following apply:

- "Monkey Sex" is the title (but don't use quotes around your title, some mail-readers cut off anything *after* the quotes in a sub line, I know, goplay does that all the time). If your title is long (more than three or four words), cut it off with ellipses in the subject line, and then put the entire title in the post itself; otherwise, the cutting-off thing will happen again and people won't be able to read the rest of the sub line.

- "(O-W/V)" is the pairing (always a good idea to put this in the sub line so people who aren't interested in this pairing will give the story a miss; if you don't want to 'spoil' your pairing, put m/m or f/f or m/f or something in to give an approximate idea). If it is a gen story (no relationship) or solo character story, put in a character or code. For multiple-person slash/adult stories, put m/m/m or H/L/La or m/f, m/f or the like. A dash [-] or 'and' [&] between two characters indicates a non-sexual relationship story; i.e., Luke-Leia or Han&Lando. [Note: these are used as examples only and do not indicate a bias on the part of the list-owner! :)]

- "R" is the rating (give it a good college try; basically anything below "R" is a no-sex story, "R" is sex, and "NC-17" is violence, rough or very explicit sex, or disturbing content). If you are philosophically opposed to ratings and/or warnings, they will not be imposed, but be prepared for people not to read your stories.

- "1/4" indicates that the story is in multiple parts. Subsequent parts will be labelled "2/4", and so on. Use "1/1" for a one-part story. A "0" post can be used for your story template, author's notes, and the like, but isn't strictly necessary.

You must indicate somewhere in the 0 or 1 post of the story whether you want the story archived at the StarWarsfic archive. If there is no "Archive: Yes to StarWarsfic" when the story is posted, the story will not be archived, and the archivist will not email for permission later. Posting to multiple lists fine. Archiving at multiple archives also fine. If you agree to allow your story to be archived at StarWarsfic, please include a summary line in your post. If not included, no summary will be posted at the archive. Stories will be assumed to be in finished form if archiving permission is given and will be archived 'as-is'; that is, no spell-checking or other 'beta-reading' duties will be performed by the archivist (because s/he hopefully won't have time, hint, hint :).

Make your archivist happy! Use a story template for your story; these will be very helpful when the archive is set up. Many people send the template before they send the story as a "0" post; it is also fine to include it in the first part of a story.

A sample story template, with notes:

Title: [indicate the title of the story and number of parts; if unknown, put 1/?]
Pairing: [name of characters and media found in; for example: Han/Luke (Empire Strikes Back)]
Author/Addy for Feedback: [name and e-mail addy]
Series: [indicate whether this story is part of an on-going series, or a sequel or prequel to an existing story, and where other parts can be found, or that they will be e-mailed upon request]
Webpage: [put the url here if you have one]
Rating: [either indicate anything from G to NC-17 or say "I don't rate my stories."]
Archive: [you *must* say "Yes to StarWarsfic" or "Yes to all" or it will not be archived at the StarWarsfic archive. Permission will not be requested by the archivist to archive stories at this time - it's too time-consuming. It is all right for stories to be sent to multiple lists and multiple archives]
Warning: [content warnings; eg, rape, character death, bdsm, minor character sex, incest, or you *must* specifically state "I do not provide warnings in my stories. Read at your own risk." If there is nothing which might be objectionable - such as for a gen story - put "none" here.]
Spoilers: [book, movie, etc. Optional but appreciated.]
Feedback: [all feedback is to be sent directly to the author, not to the list. Indicate here whether you would like constructive criticism or not, or any type of feedback.]
Originally Written: [optional. This is helpful for stories which have been previously written or posted elsewhere.]
Disclaimer: [also optional.]
Dedications: [optional; thanks to beta-readers and/or friends.]
Summary: [this will be included in the archive. This is optional but encouraged; if no summary is provided, none will be created when the story is archived.]

At this moment, the archive format will be as follows:

Title: [link to the story]
Date Archived:

The entire template will be included in the body of the linked story itself.

All incarnations of Star Wars welcome, including all of the movies, books, comics, or other media, including crossovers where there is substantive SW content (at least one major character/location). Any story which is found to have been plagiarized will be removed from the archive and the poster banned from the list.

If you have any further questions, please address them to the list owner.

This FAQ is subject to change and will be reposted twice monthly, on or about the 1st and the 15th, or at the archivist's whim. It will also be e-mailed upon request.

Thank you,

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