Author: Ang
Title: Faded Violet 3: The Thing I Can't Speak Of
Pairing: Neil Perry [Robert Sean Leonard]/Todd Anderson [Ethan Hawke]
Rating: PG-13
Warning: slashy content and Charlie says things best not said in the hearing distance of youngins.
Summary: Charlie makes a discovery.

The Thing I Can't Speak Of


"Where the hell are they?" Knox demanded, looking a little upset and a little concerned. I was wondering the same thing. Neil and Todd were never late in leaving for the meetings. Part of me was actually concerned that something was seriously wrong, but mostly I just figured that one of the dumbasses had fallen asleep.

"Well, could someone please go get them? I'd really prefer not to get any demerits," Cameron whined. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that ratfink? Whoever set him as my roommate should die a horrible and painful death.

I jumped off the my perch on the windowsill and hurried out of the room in what I hoped was a wild, dutiful and very "Charlie Dalton-esque" manner. So I'm image concious.

I walked across the hall and threw open Neil's door as quietly as one can throw open a door. "Could you two kindly --" I saw them. They were curled up on one of the beds, shirtless, kissing wildly, passionately. I have a feeling my jaw almost hit the floor. I fought my desire to turn and flee. This would start being funny in a minute or so, and I had an image to uphold. I closed the door behind me, then leaned against it, shoving my hands in my pockets. This alerted them to my presence, and the two went scrabbling for their shirts, so shocked that their legs tangled in the blankets and Niel fell off the bed in the scramble. Yes, I was right, this was starting to be very very amusing.

A few moments later the two had finished their fumbling, and sat there, clothed, though very rumpled. This, I have to admit, was the sort of thing I never would have believed unless I'd seen it. Todd and Neil? Now if that's not the strangest thing.... I was seriously not prepared for that, and I think I had, so far, been doing a fairly good job of dealing with it in a very good, very Charlie Dalton-esque manner.

"Are you two finished making asses out of yourselves?" I asked, removing my hands from my pockets and folding them across my chest.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Neil hissed.

"Well, why the hell should I have knocked? It's not exactly like I expect to find my best friend making out with another guy everytime I open the door. That's just one of those things that doesn't usually happen. You know what I mean?"

Neil shrugged, "Okay, point taken."

Todd stared at his feet from where he sat on the bed and I heard him murmur, "Oh my God, I am so screwed..."

Neil looked up at me, and suddenly looked fragile. His eyes were asking, "Well, are we screwed? Are you going to tell? Should I just go jump off a cliff now?"

"Okay, I find this damn hilarious, but no one else has my sense of humour. I won't tell a soul."

"No one?" Neil asked. It suddenly occured to me how scared these two were. I sure would be in their situation.

"That's something rat fink boy would do, not me. Hurry your asses up, before someone else, like Knox or Cameron comes in to make sure you aren't dead," I ordered before I turned and left.

Great. Now I, Charlie Dalton, have to learn to keep my big mouth shut. I've never had to worry about it before; I used to be able to tell every anecdote I wanted to, and here was a great one, begging to be told, and if I mentioned it, Neil and Todd were, well... completely screwed.

Remind me to knock next time.

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