Title: The Last Temptation of Mr. Dalton Chapter Two: Charlie's Day in Hell
Author: Khirsah
Show: Dead Poet's Society
Pairing: Todd/Charlie
Author's Webpage: http://www.geocities.com/ityliana
Rating: R

Disclaimer: disclaim, disclaim, disclaim.

Summary: Todd is driving Charlie crazy.

Notes/Warnings: Does this story have a plot? Absolutely not! Does it have bad language? Hell yes! Wild sex between teenaged boys? You bet your buttons. Does the author have any shame? What, you haven't read any of my *other* stories? ;)


//It's like when somebody tells you *not* to think about purple elephants// Charlie Dalton, resident wise-ass and always-hopeful stud-farm of Hell-ton Prep School ruminated philosophically as Mr. Caron droned on about differential equations. //Your mind automatically supplies the image.// His gaze drifted towards Todd Anderson, head bent studiously over his book two seats to the right, then darted away quickly before the other boy could catch him watching. //So telling yourself *not* to think about Todd shoving you up against a wall and thrusting up into you will only *make* you think about it.// He shifted in his seat at the image. //So... the logical thing would be to let yourself think about it, and then you won't.//

Nodding wisely at his own logic, Charlie half-closed his eyes and let himself think about Todd Anderson.

.... gentle eyes bright and heady with lust as he licks up the white column of a throat, voice whispering husky promises into the delicate shell of an ear as hands travel down warm, unclothed flesh. Fingers twist and pinch sensitive nipples and he groans, hips thrusting up into the warm haven of flesh, head thrashing wildly and hands pulling at their restraints as Todd grabs his...

"...alton? Mr. Dalton!"

With a shake of his dark head, Charlie snapped back into reality, aware of eyes on him. He shifted in his seat, erection throbbing uncomfortably against his slacks. "Y-yes?"

"Well, Mr. Dalton," the math professor asked sternly, stepping around the podium and coming down the long row towards him. Charlie cast a glance towards Todd, eyes widening when he met a hot, dark gaze. Todd slowly licked his lips, tongue tracing wetly over his flesh as his index finger moved over the tip of his eraser suggestively. Mr. Caron stopped right before Charlie, looking down sternly through his wilderness of wrinkled flesh, beady eyes irritated. "And what exactly was the answer?"

"Th-the answer?" Charlie stuttered, fiercely attempting to bring his mind back to the class and failing miserably. Todd was smiling now, eyes sparkling as he lifted the pencil to his mouth, teeth nibbling delicately at the eraser as his tongue swiped out to brush across the edge.

"To the last equation. I *assume* that you were paying rapt attention, as usual."


Todd closed his eyes, face transported in pseudo-ecstasy as he jerked his hips up, teeth clamping down on the eraser as he silently moaned. For a moment, Charlie wondered why no-one else was noticing the fucking *amazing* sex show that Anderson was putting on until he realized that everyone was looking at *him*, watching him turn five shades of red and squirm in his seat. But he... Charlie's eyes snapped open when Todd's hand slowly made its ay down his chest and towards his lap, smile turning hot and wicked as he began to move suggestively...


Many of the boys gasped and Mr. Caron looked positively apoplectic as he glared down at his student. "Mr. Dalton!" he roared, pointing fiercely towards the door. "Out!"

"But, I..."


Grabbing his books as a shield for the bulge in the front of his pants, Charlie stood and quickly made his way to the door, face flooding with color as he escaped.

"I expect you to head straight to the Disciplinary Office," Caron shouted, and Charlie turned to complain, mouth opening as he glanced over at Todd, who winked and blew a kiss at him, then wiggled his tongue suggestively.

//Oh, *God*...//

"I said Out!"

Snapping back to himself, Charlie nodded and darted out the door, closing it safely behind him, breath labored and heart racing as he fell back against the stone wall, eyes shifting closed in shock. "I don't believe this," he muttered to himself, hands clenching around his text book. "I just...don't believe this."

Well, there was no way that he was going to the Head Master's office with a woody the size of a fucking providence.

Shaking his head, Charlie moved away from the wall and headed awkwardly towards his room, thankful that Cameron was in class and that Todd...

Well, perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to think about Todd.

"Fucking screwed, that's what I am," he muttered darkly as he let himself into his room and quickly dropped his pants. "I am just fucking screwed..."

If only he could be so lucky...



"I am sorely disappointed in you, Mr. Dalton."


"We have high standards here at Welton, and we expect our students to respect those standards."


"Your continual outbursts are shameful to our institution and the spirit of our school."


"There are some members of the faculty who believe that your actions are a cry for help and attention, but I feel that I know better. You simply have no respect for authority."


"It is my duty to see to it that you learn the necessary respect for those in authority before you leave this school. Is that clear to you?"


"It, of course, pains me to have to do this to you, Charlie, but there are times when physical punishment is most effective in getting the point across."


"Do you have anything to say for yourself or your actions, Mr. Dalton?"


"Very well then. Lean over and count aloud."

"One!... Two!... Three!..."




Charlie winced as his friends ran to meet him, faces a mix between amusement and worry.

"What do you think you were *doing* Charlie?" Neil demanded, shaking his arm fiercely. "That was a crazy stunt that you pulled back there in Caron's class-- you could've gotten expelled for saying stuff like that to a teacher!"

The other boys chorused agreement, and Charlie glanced over at Todd who stood silently in the back. Smirking, Todd pointed at Neil and rolled his eyes dramatically.

"Ah... it was nothing," Charlie assured them, pointedly looking away from the younger boy.

"So he didn't... hit you so... hard?" Dalton's brows shot up in shock, but no-one else seemed to catch the emphasis Todd put on 'hit' and 'hard'. His face was a mask of empathetic worry, but his gray eyes were positively wicked as he blinked innocently up at his friend.

"Ah, eh, well, that is..." Charlie stuttered, drawing concerned glances from his friends at his uncharacteristic thick-tongued speech.

"That bad? Gee..."

//The little fucking... Argh!// "Well, I wouldn't..."

The sudden intrusion of Mr. Zell broke up their conference. "Are we planning on coming to class anytime soon, boys, or are we going to be decorating the hall all day?"

The rest of the group chorused a quick "Yes sir. That is, *no* sir!" and headed into the class. Zell turned his dark gaze on Charlie and glowered at his least favorite student.

"As for you Mr. Dalton-- one peep out of you and you'll be visiting the Disciplinary Office once more. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mr. Zell."

"Good." With a firm nod, Zell preceded him into the room.

//This is not my day...//

"Charlie." Charlie froze at the low, familiar voice, his eyes widening as the other boy brushed up against him as he squeezed through the doorway, eyes gleaming with laughter as he whispered, "If you think the Headmaster made your ass sore, then just wait until I'm done with you."

"Oh. Fuck."

"Mr. Dalton!" Zell glared at him ominously as Todd took his seat, eyes wide and face soft and innocent. "Go to the Disciplinary Office at once!"

Charlie shook his head fiercely, hands raising to ward off the furious glare. "But I..."


Casting a desperate glance towards Todd, Charlie turned on his heel and headed back towards the Headmaster and his wooden paddle.



"Mr. Dalton-- back so soon?"

"Sir, I didn't..."

"Very well, then. Lean over."

"But, Sir, I...!"

"Lean over, Mr. Dalton."


"Count aloud with me."



Charlie winced and rubbed his ass as he headed down the empty hallway. //I can't take this anymore// he muttered to himself as he limped towards English, face set into a perpetual scowl. //I just can't fucking *take* this!// He half-smiled as he opened the door. //At least Todd's all the way in the front of the room this time...// Stepping into Mr. Keating's room, Charlie quietly headed towards his seat...

....and froze in shocked horror when he saw who was now sitting *right* *next* to his seat. Todd looked up at him from his new seat and winked, fingers busily twirling his damned pencil.

"NO!" Charlie shouted, glaring down at the boy furiously. He had taken it in Math, he had taken it in History, but he would be *damned* if he sat aside and took it in English. "I'm not going to play your games! I'm not going to sit aside and let you drive me fucking *nuts* with your pencils and your erasers and your... your..." He motioned towards the carry-all bag at the other boy's feet. "Whatever else you fucking have in there! I won't take it! I can't take it! My ass is as red as it's going to get, and if I have to bend over and let the Headmaster get *another* hard-on at my expense, I'll..."

"Charlie." A firm hand was on his shoulder, holding him back even though Charlie wasn't sure that he'd actually be able to *punch* Todd. Maybe strangle him a bit then shove his tongue down his God-damned throat, but not actually *punch* him... "Maybe we should talk." He looked in amazement at Mr. Keating's gentle but firm expression as his teacher said, "Class dismissed."

There was a general noise of mixed gladness and disappointment-- it was a class, yes, and class was a *bad* thing, but then it was Mr. *Keating's* class, and those were always enjoyable, but eventually everyone cleared out. Including Todd, whom Charlie was beginning to wonder if he was Satan himself.

"Now, Charlie," Mr. Keating said gently when the door closed after the final student, "why don't we sit down..."



"I understand that you've been under a lot of stress lately."


"And it's perfectly normal for you to try to vent your frustration anyway that you can."


"But... Charlie, you know that you can trust me, right?"


"And I'm only asking this for your own good, but... how is your family life?"

"...excuse me?"

"Your family life. How do you get along with your father?"


"Does he... Does your father make you *do* *things*, Charlie?"


"Because, if he does, it's not your fault, and I want you to know that you can get *help*..."

::thud thud thud::

::pat pat:: "It's all right, Charlie, let it out... Let it all out..."


Author's Notes: Thus ends Chapter 2: Charlie's Day in Hell. More appropriately named, I suppose: "Charlie's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." In the next chapter, our brave hero tires to convince Neil and the others that he's *not* crazy and that Todd is Satan spawn. Feedback to


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