Title: The Last Temptation of Mr. Dalton Chapter One: Todd Makes Himself Known
Author: Khirsah
Show: Dead Poet's Society (don't knock it 'till you've tried it)
Pairing: Todd/Charlie
Author's Webpage: http://www.geocities.com/ityliana
Rating: umm.... strong R.

Disclaimer: disclaim, disclaim, disclaim.

Summary: We all knew that doe-eyed innocence was just an act...

Notes/Warnings: Does this story have a plot? Absolutely not! Does it have bad language? Hell yes! Wild sex between teenaged boys? You bet your buttons. Does the author have any shame? What, you haven't read any of my *other* stories? ;)


"So I looked down at her," Charlie Dalton reported, lips curling into a smile at the rapt expressions of his fellow Hell-ton classmates. Meeks was looking positively transported, eyes wide beneath the protective sheen of his glasses. //Probably getting off on it.// "And I say... But maybe you boys are too young and inexperienced to hear about all this stuff."


"Charlie, spill it!"

"God, Charlie, don't leave us hanging!"

Charlie looked around the eager ring of boyish faces, all leaning forward eagerly. All, that is, except Cameron, who was trying desperately to look uninterested and not succeeding very well if one where to notice the blaringly obvious woody he was sporting, and Todd Anderson, the Shy Twit, sitting off to the side and staring out the window. Baby. "Well..." he hawed, milking the moment for all it was worth. "If you guys really think that you can *handle* it."

Knox glowered, arms crossing over his chest. "You gonna tell, or are you just gonna stand up there and strut?"

"Maybe he's making it all up," Neil rejoined smoothly, angular face composed into a mask of bored disinterest.

//Oh, the lengths they'll go to amuse themselves!// Charlie speculated in amusement, expressive face quirking in amusement.

"Maybe there was no girl."

"Oh ye of little faith, gentlemen!" he declared broadly, throwing open his arms as if to embrace them all. "I can assure you, the exploits of Charlie Dalton are all true." A small, inconsequential noise arose from here Todd was perched on the bathroom window sill, but Charlie ignored it-- he was probably just composing another one of his soddy poems. "As I was saying, I looked down at the girl at my feet, the blond, curvaceous, hot and *bothered* girl and said..." he leaned forward intently, smiling as everyone leaned with him, eager to hear. "Kiss it."

The boys stared, gape-mouthed at Charlie, shocked, amazed, and jealous of the other boy's accomplishment. At his window-seat, Todd Anderson made a small choking noise. Charlie looked up and grinned, noting the flushed cheek half-hidden as arms crossed over his knees, forehead touching the kneecaps. //Ah, look-- the little pip's blushing!//

"Wow, Charlie," Knox stammered, dark eyes wide with amazement at his friend's daring. "You actually *said* that? To a girl?"

"I sure did." He tilted his head and smiled, loving the rapt attention. "In fact, that's not all I said!" Todd was practically having a fit in his corner, his very-sensitive sensibilities no doubt offended by Charlie's crass sexuality. "And I'll tell you all about them if..."

The sudden tolling of the bell broke into his grand statement.

"Oh no!" Cameron squeaked, jumping up swiftly, hands not-so-casually falling down to cover his pants-front. "We're going to be late for dinner!"

"I hear they fixed roast beef," Pitts remarked to Meeks.

"Race you!"

Together, they tore off towards the dining hall.

"Great story, Charlie," Neil remarked as he and Knox stood. Cameron had already made his hasty exit, leaving them and Todd alone in the bathroom. "Maybe you can tell a bigger whopper next time."

Charlie placed a hand over his heart, eyebrows raising. "I can't believe that you think I'd lie to you!" he grinned, dimple flashing. "Neil, Knox, why-ever would you think that?"

Know laughed and punched him lightly on the shoulder before following Neil out. "Maybe it's because we know you!" he called back, grinning as he shut the bathroom door behind him.

Charlie smiled and shook his head then looked up to see that Todd was still there, head down on his knees. "You can come on out now, Todd-- I'm all done."

"Y-you sure?" the shy boy asked, peeking out between the gap before he lifted his head, gray-blue eyes searching the empty bathroom.

"Yeah. Or maybe not." He grinned and sauntered forward as Todd swung his legs over the side, shoes beating against the tiles of the wall. "Maybe it's about time you learned a thing or two about..." he leaned forward and lowered his voice, wanting to get a rise out of the boy. "Sex."

The response he got wasn't the one he expected.

"From you?" Todd raised a sandy brow mockingly. "Not fucking likely."


The small smirk broke into a full-fledged grin as Todd hopped down from the window-sill, his head tilting to look up at the other boy. "Didn't'cha hear me the first time?"

Charlie blinked and shook his head, not understanding. "But I, I, I... TODD???"

"That's the name-- please don't wear it out, sugar. It'd be a bitch to get a new one." He winked suggestively, hands falling to rest on his hips easily. "But maybe I could get *you* to oblige..."

"Todd, what the hell is wrong with you? What are you doing?" He couldn't believe that the other was acting like this, was... //Oh My GOD, Todd Anderson is checking out my crotch!// "Todd!"

The younger boy laughed delightedly, not at all shy or encumbered. "Come on-- you didn't really buy all that nieve and innocent shit, did you? I mean, come on Charlie, no one is that fucking idiotic. And I thought that you at least would know better. I mean, I can understand Neil not getting it-- he's a nice guy and all, but can we say sphincter minus head would be a good look for him? And Knox, or Pitts, or Meeks..." he waved his hand dismissively, then paused. "Though maybe Cameron has caught on-- I'm not sure..."

"So you're... you're not... you've been..." He couldn't speak; he could barely *think*. All that had been an *act*? Todd had been fooling them the entire time?

No. No way.

"Okay, who put you up to this?" Charlie growled, glaring around at the empty stalls. He stalked towards a stall curtain and yanked it aside, then stared dumbly at the empty shower. The pricks had to be around here somewhere...

"You can keep looking as long as you want, Charlie," Todd piped in, amusement coloring his tone as he leaned back against the wall, chin down and eyes almost devouring the other boy. "But you aren't going to find anything."

"I just can't believe..." He whirled around to face Todd, gulping audibly at the dark look the other boy was shooting him. "How long?"

"How long what, Charlie?" Todd asked throatily, moving languidly from the wall and walking towards Charlie, hips swaying slightly. Charlie's gaze dropped down to those moving hips, then back up sharply at the low, deep laugh, face flaming. "Or how long have I been... watching you?" Charlie stepped back nervously, looking around him as if he wanted to flee as Todd moved closer and closer, herding him back with every step. Charlie took yet another step back, then gulped when he hit the cold wall, his eyes wide and dilated as he stared at the face nearing his own. "Quite a while, actually."

"Quite a-- a while?" he whispered, eyes dropping to those full lips as Todd opened his mouth and snaked his tongue out, licking along his own bottom lip, then nibbling on it suggestively. "Huh?"

"Charlie, Charlie, *Charlie*," Todd scolded, hand reaching up to lay flat against the other boy's heaving breast. Charlie bit back a strangled moan as those palms pressed into his hardened nipples, sending shudders down his long frame. "Haven't you been listening to *anything* I've said? Oh well," he murmured, leaning forward, breath hot against Dalton's face. "I guess I'll just have to *show* you."

Charlie whimpered when that mouth finally met his, tongue immediately breaching his defenses and slipping inside to tug at Charlie's tongue, which moved in reflexive response. Todd moaned low in his throat, a deep, sexual sound, as he pressed forward, shoving Charlie up tight against the wall and pressing his hips into the V of the other boy's legs, smiling at the hot thickness of Charlie's cock against him. "Mmmm," he whispered against the older boy's lips, biting down on Charlie's bottom lip as he raked his fingers down his chest to his hips, smiling when Charlie's hips jerked reflexively. "Yum. You know, Charlie," he added, mouth leaving those soft lips to move against the exposed throat, fingers digging into Charlie's hips as he thrust up against him, eyes almost crossing at the sensation.


"I said, 'You know, Charlie..." Todd prompted, then moved his mouth away and waited patiently for the older boy the gather his wits enough to reply:


His eyes were positively wicked. "If you'd wanted to get a rise out of that girl, you should've said..." He leaned forward and whispered into Charlie's ear, "Suck my cock."

"Arrgh!" His hips jerked up in response as he head fell back, knocking hard into the tile wall.

"Oh, poor little baby," Todd laughed, pressing up hot and hard against Charlie again. "You want me to lick it?"

Before Charlie could gather the brain cells to make a reply, the door to the bathroom flung open. Todd jumped away at once, and adopted a rather startled look, eyes wide and innocent. "You *said* that to a *g-girl*? A real, live girl?" He turned and looked at Neil, eyes wide. "He said the 's' word to a *girl*."

Neil tilted his head, taken off-guard. In the background, Charlie pulled his shirt-tail from his pants and tried to think non-sex thought. //Yeah, like that's at all possible... God, Anderson can *kiss*// "The 's' word?" Neil asked, thick brows raising.

"You know," Todd whispered, glancing around him as if he expected an army of girls to come out at any moment. "*Sex.*"

Charlie choked, and Neil glanced over at him, worried. "You okay there, Charlie?"

"He's just over-come by his own story," Todd assured his roommate gently. "It was... it was rather, ah..."

Neil's lips narrowed in displeasure as he opened the door. "Charlie, I think we should talk."

"But, I..."

"Now, Charlie." His tone brooked no argument.

Feeling helpless, Charlie followed Neil out the door, glancing behind him once at the earnest-faced boy as Neil began, not even waiting for Todd to be out of hearing, "Now what did I tell you about taunting him, Charlie? He's just a kid..."

Earnest expression never slipping, Todd pointed to his head, then towards his ass, making digging motions at his behind. Charlie almost choked, eyes wide and unbelieving as the door shut firmly behind him, cutting off his view of the younger boy.

As he followed Neil down the hall, only half-listening to the well-meant lecture, Charlie Dalton could only wonder what the *fuck* he had gotten himself into.


Author's Notes: :) That was fun. If you liked it, hated it, whatever,

just send mail to khirsah@angelfire.com Thank you!

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