created May 2, 1999

The Other Side of the Mirror

A Star Trek: Voyager/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Alternate Universe

Tom Paris

Thomas Edward Paris, Maquis pilot, is an unwilling addition to the 'cause', brought aboard the Maquis ship captained by Chakotay by his chief recruitment officer, B'Elanna Torres. She found Tom in a bar, plyed him with alcohol, and brought him to the ship, unconscious, to be the new Maquis pilot. He awoke to find his new Captain standing over him, reciting the intimate and sordid details of his life, and requesting sex.

Tom has been in trouble multiple times, having been arrested for public drunkenness, petty theft, pandering and prostitution. His parents are both deceased, his father in prison, his mother by her own hand shortly after. He trained as a pilot for the Klingon Empire but was ultimately thrown out and sent to a prison work camp for sedition, from which he escaped. He is currently wanted by the Klingons, and is therefore willing to work for the Maquis as an alternative to further prison time and perhaps death by the Empire.

Tom becomes Chakotay's lover shortly after arriving on board the ship, to avoid the sexual hazing of the Maquis. He also flirts with B'Elanna Torres. Accompanying her on a 'recruitment' drive (much like his own), he warns a young Terran, Harry Kim, and saves him from a life in the Maquis.

Tom and B'Elanna go to Cardassia IV, to the small village of Hutet, seeking help when their ship is crippled. To Tom's surprise, he finds out that there is a Cardassian Underground, of which Chakotay's half brother, Jules, and his lover Elim, are members. The Maquis ship is grounded and Elim promises them another.

While they await their new ship, an old Maquis, Tuvok, who had been presumed dead, arrives on Hutet with 'Voyager', which will become the new Maquis ship 'Phoenix'. Tom also learns that Tuvok and Chakotay were once lovers, and, due to a misunderstanding with Chakotay, their sexual relationship comes to an end.

Tom is a displaced man - he doesn't belong with the Maquis and is not accepted by them (because they see him as nothing more than the Captain's boy), nor does he harbour any fond feelings for the Empire, although he is influenced by it, including a taste for blood wine and Ferengi games of chance (Ferenginar being an ally of the Empire).