created May 1, 1999

The Other Side of the Mirror

A Star Trek: Voyager/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Alternate Universe

The Klingon Empire

The Klingon Empire is the ruler of the Mirror Universe. After many years of war against the various other worlds, there is a tenuous 'peace', made possible by the Alliance of many Alpha and Beta Quadrant homeworlds with the Empire.

The Empire controls almost every aspect of life in this Universe. From military might to shipping, distribution of natural resources, to illegal activities such as smuggling and the slave trade, Imperial agents act in every capacity to make sure that strict control is held.

And yet, there are those who oppose the Empire, both openly and in secret. The Maquis are a group of fighters from various homeworlds who are banding together to attempt to shake the stranglehold of power the Empire holds.


The Empire has many Allied nations, although none of them, singly, are powerful enough to pose any real threat to control, and none of them is at this point willing to band together in the numbers needed to provoke a strong opposition.

Vulcan, Cardassia, Bajor, and Ferenginar are among the most important planets in the Alliance.

Military Force:

Although ostensibly ruled by the Klingon High Council, an elected political body, the real power behind the Empire lies in its impressive military force, run by Worf, of the House of Mogh, known to all simply as "The General".

There is an Imperial Military Academy that trains soldiers to work for the Empire; most of the Maquis are graduates of this Academy who have fallen out of favour, or who have decided to leave on their own.

General Worf is a man on a mission: to capture total control over the Empire, and, once that is achieved, to spread the Empire's rule across the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. To this end, he is hand-picking the various military personnel in strategic positions, with an eye on the Chair of the High Council. Enemies of the General - such as the former commander of the Imperial Flagship, the Negh'Var, Martok - are 'taken care of' by the General and men close to him.


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