created May 1, 1999

The Other Side of the Mirror

A Star Trek: Voyager/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Alternate Universe


By the time of First Contact, in the mid-Twenty-First century, Earth had become a mostly barren and overpopulated planet, due to unchecked and rampant industrialization which taxed its resources over the two centuries previous. As a result, many Terrans chose to leave Earth and seek out new homeworlds on which to settle.

Earth is a non-aligned planet, not considered by the Klingon Empire to be important enough to invade or absorb. There are a great many Terrans in the Maquis, however, from different homeworlds which were either absorbed into the Empire, or overrun with troops and smuggling operations which stripped them of their resources. [Note: Of the Terrans in this series, only Kathryn Janeway and Julian Bashir's father have spent any significant time on Earth.]

Currently, due to massive resettlement of its people on other homeworlds, Earth is undergoing a period of renaissance, regrowth, and rebuilding. It will be a long time before she is once again a strength in the Quadrant, however.


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