created May 1, 1999

The Other Side of the Mirror

A Star Trek: Voyager/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Alternate Universe


Although small, Bajor is nevertheless a key Ally to the Klingon Empire. Bajor is strategically placed, and has plenty of natural resources. Politically, Bajor is under Monarchist Rule, lead by the current King, Shakaar. In the line for the throne are the Crown Prince, Geron, and his older sister, Princess Kira.

Bajor, like Ferenginar, has no internal military force, and relies completely on protection from the Empire. Unlike Ferenginar, who provides money to the Empire, Bajor instead supplies key resources, and provides unwavering political support for the Empire within the Alliance.

The Bajoran people are split between the artistic realm and that of agriculture. For the most part, they are very religious, relying heavily on the Vedek Council to have their voices heard in front of the King, and also to receive the wisdom of the Prophets. Bajor is an ancient world, steeped in tradition, although there is a clear separation between Church and State, the King and his son being non-believers. The Princess is the only member of the Royal Family with any non-secular involvement with the Vedek Council.

The Empire regards the Bajoran religion as a simple and efficient way to keep the Bajoran people in line, and, as such, they have no opposition to it. Bajor has lived, unoccupied and in peace, for several centuries.


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